Valuable faith must be in a valuable object

December 29, 2013 Turtle Toots 0

If you were to ask people if they have faith the majority of them will say yes. But when you ask them what they have faith in you will get a variety of answers. A person can have all kinds of faith but it will mean nothing if they are not placing their faith in a valuable object. Putting your faith in the wrong thing can be disastrous.

What Opens Heaven’s Door?

December 18, 2013 Turtle Toots 0

Look at your key ring. You probably have quite a few keys on it. Maybe there’s one for your house, another one for your car, another one for your office or locker at school. Have you ever tried to open the door of your house with your car key? Or start your car with your house key? Doesn’t work does it? You have to have the right key to open the door of your house or start your car. That is the way it is with Heaven. You must have the right key to unlock Heaven’s door. And that key is faith. What faith is not…..