Why Can’t Christians Have A Theme Park?

Why Can’t Christians Have A Theme Park?

The Ark Encounter is a life-sized Noah’s Ark theme-park attraction that just opened in Grant County, Kentucky. It is a theme park with food and exhibits.

There is a Christian Post article about the Ark that has been shared on social media. What was meant to be an innocent post about a fun place to go has turned into a debate from non-Christians about the money spent on this project. A typical response is “Think of all the money spent that could have gone to feed the homeless”.

The first thing I thought when seeing those comments and it turns out many others thought the same thing was Judas’ comment in John chapter 12. Mary anointed Jesus with very expensive oil and Judas said “Why wasn’t this ointment sold for three hundred denarii, and given to the poor?” Mary knew what was important above all else and that was Jesus.

I’m sure the money spent on the Ark replica could have instead been given to the poor but the spreading of the gospel is more important eternally. A physically fed person on earth will be helped for a short time but a spiritually fed person (one who hears and responds to the gospel) will be helped for all eternity. This project will help many who visit to think about the truth of God’s Word and start thinking about their eternal destiny. That is worth more than any amount of money.

The second thing I thought while scanning through comments on Facebook about the Christian Post article was how hypocritical some people are in their thinking about what Christians should and shouldn’t do. Why can’t Christians have their own version of a theme park or exhibit to go to? There are mega million dollar football stadiums, Disney parks, Hollywood studios, etc. Maybe none of those should have been built. Think of all the poor that could have been fed with the money they used. Or maybe all their profits should just go to the poor.

I am glad there is a fun place to take families to that is both entertaining and informative. Just as it is fun to go to a football game, so it would be fun to visit a life sized replica of Noah’s Ark. And just as I won’t feel guilty spending money at a sports game, I won’t feel guilty spending money at a Christian theme park. The poor we will always have with us and most people do what they can to help out. That has nothing to do with building an entertaining place for Christian families.

Visit the park at:
Ark Encounter
1 Ark Encounter Drive
Williamstown, KY 41097

Ark Encounter

The Christian Post article found here:
The Christian Post

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