Thankful For Santa Claus

Thankful For Santa Claus

This will be an article that not all will agree with. But I’m writing in answer to those Christians that absolutely hate Santa Claus and consider those that don’t as carnal Christians.

I know that Santa Claus has a variety of origins depending on which country or person you are talking with. He’s been known to have started as a man who loved to give gifts and eventually the Catholic church made him a saint. He’s been known to be associated with pagan practices and traditions and some Christians throughout the last few centuries have disputed anything associated with Santa Claus.

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Here’s where you might disagree with me. In some ways I have to say I’m thankful for the legend of Santa Claus. Now I’m not saying we should tell our children he’s real or we should in anyway worship him anymore than we would worship a Christmas tree which is yet another controversy among some Christians and cults. Who worships a Christmas tree anyway? Just because we put one up in our homes doesn’t mean we are pagan or worship it. But I’m getting off the subject.

The reason I am thankful for Santa Claus

The reason I’m thankful in a way that Santa Claus is still a tradition is because it keeps Christ and Christmas in people’s minds. The world now wants so much to push away Christ that if it weren’t for Santa and commercialism no one would even bother to remember our Savior’s birth. I just went to our church’s Christmas play and there were people sitting all around me that weren’t Christians that attended. I knew they weren’t because of the comments they made about being in a church, etc. But yet they were there to celebrate the ‘holiday’. If it weren’t for the secular traditions they wouldn’t have stepped foot in a church for any kind of program.

At work we have the radio set on a secular station for Christmas music. You know how awesome it is to hear all my unsaved co-workers singing about the second birth, the little Lord Jesus, glory to our new born King? Never would they set that station to a Christian one but mixed in with all the jingle bells, white Christmas and Santa Claus are the songs with the true meaning of Christmas reminding everyone there about Jesus and what He did for us.

I love driving through the neighborhoods at night and seeing all the nativity scenes, Jesus Saves in lights and all the decorations put out to celebrate the One who died for us. It is acceptable to do that because the world is celebrating their traditions and among all that the Reason for the Season gets through.

In my opinion, without Santa Claus there would be no reminder of the true meaning of Christmas nor the celebration of it for the world. Sure, Christians would still celebrate our Savior’s birth but to the rest of the world it would mean nothing but another day for ‘religious’ people.

Somehow somewhere the true meaning of Christmas might get through

So even though I know there are lots of kids who don’t know anything but Santa Claus, somehow somewhere the true meaning of Christmas might get through to them because of the traditional celebration with Santa. People throughout the decades have grown up with Santa Claus and yet there are still millions of Christians. I don’t think being exposed to Santa means everyone will never believe in Jesus. And even though Santa has mixed origins and, of course, has nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas I’m still partially thankful for his legend because he brings to remembrance our Savior to people who would otherwise never hear or pay any attention.

If my opinion is wrong then so be it. But I’m for whatever will get people’s attention so they will get saved from the wrath to come.

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