Ensfield Response Team Helps Squirrel With Cup Stuck On Head

Ensfield Response Team Helps Squirrel With Cup Stuck On Head

Emergency Medical Services in Enfield Connecticut answered the call Friday to help a squirrel that got its head stuck in a cup. The Wildlife Response team posted a video on their Facebook page of the rescue effort shown here.

The video shows the poor squirrel hopping and jumping around trying to get the cup off it’s head. It was quite comical to watch and you can hear everyone laughing. It took two attempts to free the poor little guy. They thought they had it caught once in a blanket but he wiggled free. The second attempt was more successful. The comment was made by the one holding the squirrel that the squirrel was very strong. Another said “let’s bring him home and have him for dinner”, lol. He was joking, I’m sure. Once the squirrel was free of the cup he scampered off into the trees a very happy rodent.

This reminds me of an episode of Billy The Exterminator that used to be on the A&E Network. Billy was called to a residential home because a raccoon had got his head stuck in a mason jar. The raccoon climbed high up in a tree and Billy had to cut the limb to get the raccoon down so he could get the jar off before the poor thing dehydrated or ran out of air.

Wildlife and humans sometimes live side by side. This is a good reason to remember not to litter.

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